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Track : Abyss
Genre: Ambient
Artist : Gryfyx


Track : Rainstorm
Genre: Ambient
Artist : Gryfyx


Cold of the breeze,
Black of the night,
Solitude of the Recluse.

Rituals Of Infanticide

Even as our faculty to learn triggers us to forget,
We keep on educating ourselves till we forget all.
We sink deeper to kill the undying inquisitiveness
But in the meantime we realize it’s our time to die.
We fritter our existence on doubts and uncertainties,
Yet effort to redefine, what is by default
Sustains the semblance of lucidity,
And grants us the basis to live.
Or so it seems.

Through our perplexed wits and blunt vision
We relate to reality and discover imagination.
We swap inquisitiveness with this new amusement
And in the midst of disfigured reality we grow old.
Subconsciously we remain to be a dreamer
Until soon we find ourselves sacrificing thoughts,
As the gruesome terrain of boredom
That unfurls till infinity,
Begins to consume us all.

Entropy keeps pouring the deluge of insults
And this furious river drifts us quicker to the fall.
Anonymous impressions of the past stay on-board,
Among the blazed memories of a deceased infancy,
And all these unprovoked rituals of infanticide
Keeps us unavailable till our day of reckoning.
But even then in the end, like any other time,
Reluctantly all of us remain
To be empty within.


Through the slow motion
Drizzle the faint heartbeat
Like subliminal fear of death
Frightening anticipation
From past visibility
Zooms into the gloom
Surrounds restless mind
Searching from the eyes
That do not function
Frail and wingless
And useless
Alone and marooned
Hung in the middle
Like half of the verse
Washed off under the rain
Tessellated thoughts fade
Out a puzzle unsolved
The last love made
The wordless poetry
The blood stained linen
And fades in back again
The time paused forever
Unshackled from the space
Will remember the life
That’s never been lived
Unknown is the motive
That killed the conjoined
Mirror images that struggled
For the separation
No angst for the severed
Pair of broken wings
No place was ever there
To fly away from here
Trapped eternally within
In the continuous
Flow of the decay
The present kills
The present forever


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